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We currently have sixteen different one-minute radio spots that can be broadcast as filler between programs, and the list is below. They are short messages intended to get Christians engaging with Muslims regarding spiritual matters. They're used in our TV show & podcast, and they've also been used by radio stations throughout the U.S.! If you have a radio show or podcast and would like to use these in your commercial breaks, you're more than welcome to. Just send us a quick email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information!

Spot 1: Common Ground

Spot 2: Sin

Spot 3: Jesus with God

Spot 4: Abraham

Spot 5: Jesus is Unique

Spot 6: Saul to Paul

Spot 7: Ice Breaker #1

Spot 8: Ice Breaker #2

Spot 9: Muslims Must Read the Bible

Spot 10: Do's and Don't's #1

Spot 11: Do's and Don't's #2

Spot 12: Do's and Don't's #3

Spot 13: Do's and Don't's #4

Spot 14: Do's and Don't's #5

Spot 15: God's Mercy vs. Justice

Spot 16: Love