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Dec 24, 2018

Seniors Banned from Saying 'Merry Christmas'

A residence for seniors in Washington state has decided to ban the words “Merry Christmas,” Christmas decorations, Christmas carols that mention Jesus and more – because it claims the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development requires those actions. News Link:… Continue Reading...
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Dec 22, 2018

Delegation From Egypt to Congress: Ban Brotherhood

Thankfully, more people are hearing about the MB, however, they are not aware of the tactics it uses here in America. To learn about them, watch this high-quality presentation on the Muslim Brotherhood: YouTube:… Continue Reading...
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Dec 20, 2018

An Open Letter to the Depressed Christian at Christmas

Many people love this time of year, especially when they have the joy of knowing the true 'reason for the season.' However, we must not forget those who consider this the 'toughest' time of year. Be sure to reach out to those around you who could use some encouragement. Show them the love of… Continue Reading...
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Dec 18, 2018

Dying Well This Christmas

"Christmas is the celebration of a baby in a manger, and a prelude to the man on a cross. Christmas is itself a testimony that we need not fear death - one year dies, another will begin. The baby grows to a man who is crucified, but the cross and tomb are empty. Resurrection is coming! At the… Continue Reading...
2018 12 11 Chinese Police Raid Prominent House Church
Dec 11, 2018

Chinese Police Raid Prominent House Church

"Police have gone to the homes of church members and pressured them to sign a document stating Early Rain is an 'evil cult' and promising not to step foot in the church again. Police took into custody those who refused to sign." News Link:… Continue Reading...
2018 12 9 Big City Mayor Honors Terrorist Co Conspirator
Dec 09, 2018

Big-City Mayor Honors Terrorist Co-Conspirator

One more reason to watch and share this high-quality, informative presentation. It includes chronological history from the time of Muhammad up to today, including that of the Muslim Brotherhood itself. It's been using the same tactics for the last 90 years, and you'll learn specific examples of… Continue Reading...
2018 12 9 U.S. Town Boots Churchs Nativity Scene
Dec 09, 2018

U.S. Town Boots Church's Nativity Scene

“It’s sad and ridiculous that we’re having a fight about this. This PC (politically correct) attitude has gotten ridiculous.” News Link: Continue Reading...
2018 12 8 Egypts Silent Epidemic of Kinapped Christian Girls
Dec 08, 2018

Egypt’s Silent Epidemic of Kidnapped Christian Girls

"But the truth is that Christian women in Egypt face an epidemic of kidnapping, rape, beatings and torture. Innumerable girls and women vanish forever, and even if they are somehow rescued, their stories are thought to be so shameful that they’re hidden as dark family secrets. Meanwhile, doctors… Continue Reading...
2018 12 6 Australia Religious Freedom in Balance
Dec 06, 2018

Australia: Religious Freedom in the Balance

Tony Gurule did a show on the Islamization of the U.K. with Tommy Robinson ( and the Islamization of Canada with Sandra Solomon (, but he needs to do one on the Islamization of Australia! News Link:… Continue Reading...
2018 12 3 No Mention of Jesus in History Claims Prime Minister
Dec 03, 2018

'No Mention of Jesus in History,' Claims Prime Minister

People tend to build the strongest walls and barriers around things that are weak, not things that are strong. Case in point: ISLAM. When someone's blind faith is challenged and they have no evidence to back up what they believe, what fills the void? EMOTION. And when emotion is all you have left,… Continue Reading...
2018 11 30 Turkey Wipes Out the Christian Culture of Occupied Cyprus
Nov 30, 2018

Turkey Wipes Out the Christian Culture of Occupied Cyprus

"More than 550 Greek Orthodox churches, chapels and monasteries located in towns and villages of the occupied areas, have been pillaged, deliberately vandalized and, in some cases, demolished. Many Christian places of worship have been converted into mosques, depots of the Turkish army, stockyards… Continue Reading...
2018 11 26 Dem Delegate Israel Must Be Terminated
Nov 26, 2018

Dem Delegate: Israel Must Be 'Terminated'

To learn all you need to know about CAIR, watch this high-quality, informative presentation: "A senior leader for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in a tweet Sunday called for Israel to be 'terminated.'" News Link:… Continue Reading...
2018 11 25 Adam and Eve for Real
Nov 25, 2018

Science Shocker: Adam and Eve for Real

“This conclusion is very surprising,” said David Thaler, research associate from the University of Basel. “And I fought against it as hard as I could.” News Link: Continue Reading...
2018 11 24 European Court Surrenders to Islam
Nov 24, 2018

European Court 'Surrenders to Islam'

"Even if you are having a lively discussion, which would usually be protected, referring to Muhammad – in supposedly ‘incriminating statements’ – is prohibited, even if you do not use disturbing or shocking language but formulate the defamation in the wrapping of an otherwise acceptable expression… Continue Reading...
2018 11 24 CAIR Continues to Resist FBI
Nov 24, 2018

Hamas-Linked CAIR Continues to 'Resist' FBI

To learn more about the Muslim Brotherhood and their work in America, watch this highly informative presentation: "CAIR also sued Los Angeles in June for accepting a CVE grant of $425,000 to combat radicalization. Two months later, Los Angeles Mayor Eric… Continue Reading...
2018 11 23 Free Speech in Canada Died Today
Nov 23, 2018

Free Speech in Canada Died Today

Happening just north of us, and keep in mind that this is in ADDITION to M-103 which is described in this video: News story video on YouTube: Continue Reading...
Nov 21, 2018

Central African Republic (CAR): Massacre in Alindao

If you are a prayer warrior, it would be good to subscribe to Elizabeth Kendal's, 'Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin.' "On Thursday 15 November ex-Seleka Islamic militants perpetrated a massacre in Alindao, a south-central town some 300km east of the capital, Bangui. A front-line, mostly Christian… Continue Reading...
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Nov 19, 2018

New Muslim Congress Members 'Deceived' Voters

If you watched this presentation about the Muslim Brotherhood (, you should not be surprised. "Both women deceived voters about their positions on Israel. Both women, at some point during their rise in electoral politics, led voters – especially Jewish… Continue Reading...
Nov 19, 2018

Terror Experts Warn of Jihadi Threat Coming from Canada

The U.K. is ahead of Canada, and Canada is ahead of the U.S. Learn from their mistakes, or you'll follow in their footsteps. “Canada is today the happy home of thousands of radical Islamists, ex-ISIS fighters and the Muslim Brotherhood. Their numbers continue to grow, with Islamists infiltrating… Continue Reading...
Nov 14, 2018

Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia? See for Yourself

We remember Joel Richardson revealing these photos. Should be a very interesting documentary. News Link:, and here's an interview with Ryan Mauro: Continue Reading...
Nov 11, 2018

Terror Investigations Cited as 'Inconvenience'

A government-sanctioned, independent review of British counter-terrorism is recommending that authorities be careful not to “inconvenience” or “traumatize” the Muslim communities in which terrorism suspects live. News Link: Continue Reading...
Nov 10, 2018

Now Washington Post Questions SPLC's Credibility

"The Post writer points out that SPLC has expanded its scope of 'hate groups' from the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacists to conservative organizations that defend traditional marriage, opposed illegal immigration and warn of the threat of supremacist Islam to Western civilization." News… Continue Reading...
Nov 09, 2018

CAIR Gets Library to Remove Book Critical of al-Qaida

In case you didn't know, all MB front groups, including CAIR, have the same end-goal as the jihadists, but they have a different method of operation, and they are very patient compared to the latter. CAIR claims to be a 'human rights organization,' but every now and then you will see hints of its… Continue Reading...
Nov 08, 2018

Who Won, Who Lost? Midterm Muslim Candidates

U.S. midterms saw a number of Muslim candidates elected to office, which included wins that broke several glass ceilings when it comes to firsts. The midterms were a heated period in American politics that were seen as a referendum on Trump, which was one reason why many minorities and women of… Continue Reading...
Nov 05, 2018

Suspect Accused of Plotting New U.S. Civil War

"An Ohio Muslim man has been accused of plotting to spark a bloody civil war by provoking standoffs between American militia leaders and federal authorities . . . The suspect is Naser Almadaoji, 19, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Iraq." News Link:… Continue Reading...
Nov 01, 2018

Freedom Is Basic - Commercial

The Islamists, and those who have been influenced by them, are calling this commercial 'Islamophobic,' a word only used in the West, which pretty much just means, 'illegal under Shari'ah.' Watch this video to learn about that and other Islamist tactics used here in the West:… Continue Reading...
Oct 31, 2018

The Enemies Within - Trailer #2

You may have heard that there are two topics you shouldn't talk about: Religion & Politics If you think about it, those are actually two of the MOST IMPORTANT topics to talk about, because the former has to do with where you will spend eternity, and the latter can determine the freedoms you have in… Continue Reading...
Oct 26, 2018

Woman Convicted for Calling Muhammad 'Pedophile'

There is no 'freedom of speech' under Shari'ah, and in non-Islamic countries, Shari'ah is being implemented in stages. To learn much more about it, watch this: "The woman, described as E.S. by the court, was convicted of disparaging religious doctrines… Continue Reading...
2018 7 16 Sheikh Jamil in Kenya
Jul 16, 2018

Sharing the Gospel with an Imam in His Own Mosque

Meet Sheikh Jamil. In Kenya I had a chance to meet the sheikh after my good friend Mike Freese arranged a meeting with him. After some small talk I asked the sheikh, "I understand Muslims have a fear that Christians have misconceptions about Islam. As a Christian I also fear that Muslims have… Continue Reading...