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Screen Shot 2019 01 27 at 21423 PMYes, you read that correctly. And the article also revealed that "a total of 18 potentially deadly plots had been thwarted since March 2017 - almost one a month." Many people are still not aware of what has happened to the U.K. over the last couple of decades.

Tony has said many times, "America and other countries need to learn from the U.K.'s mistakes. If we do not learn from their mistakes, we will follow in their footsteps." If you would like more details about this breaking news story, just click the photo to the left. However, it would be more beneficial to learn about the Islamization of the United Kingdom in general, and that is the title of this classic interview that Tony had with Tommy Robinson. Just click the photo below to watch the show.

Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 2.33.15 PM.png