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Available Services: Individual Talks, Weekend Seminars, and In-Depth Training Courses 
Any of these Islamic topics can be presented individually or combined, and you can also add Other Topics.
Islam 101 Eschatology Unveiling the Facts of Shari'ah
(Islamic Law) 
Answering Objections


Islam's Primary Sources


The Qur'an Plagiarized Sources of Islam The Muslim Brotherhood:
Origin, Identity, and Agenda
The Authority of the Bible

The Insider Movement: C1-C6


Women Under Islam

Muhammad in Mecca & Medina

Lights Out:
When Islam Rules America
Sharing the Gospel with Muslims
Islam & The Last Days

Dhimmitude: Islamic Oppression

ISIS, Islam & Jesus:
What Would Jesus Say?

Shame & Honor vs. Guilt & Innocence

What is Islam, Who is Allah, and What is the Christian Response?

Responding to Objections Against Christianity