A silly argument but still in use by Muslims today is this: If Jesus was God, and God died on the cross, who was running the universe for those three days? I was actually asked this question by a very prominent Islamic scholar a few years back. The scholar: Muzammil Siddiqi, whom I met in a private meeting at a private home in Southern California. We had, shall we say, a nice, intimate chat for over 4 hours, going toe to toe. But I was astounded when he pulled this argument out of his bag of tricks. Learn how to refute this silly critique of the crucifixion and deity of Jesus.


Many Christians would like to talk to their Muslim coworkers, neighbors, or friends about religious issues but don't know where to start. In this short video I provide some examples from direct experience of how to get the 'ball rolling' in our conversations with Muslims.


Channel 4 in the UK aired a documentary on the Qur'an in 2008 called simply "The Quran." Produced and narrated by Antony Thomas, it caused quite a stir among British Muslims, who saw some of the critical issues discussed in the video as an attack on their sacredly held beliefs. But the documentary was very well done, and I use excerpts from this video when I teach my two hour lecture on the Quran. The video runs one hour and 41 minutes but is well worth the time.


The following video is an excerpt from a message John Piper delivered at the One Day Live concert on May 20, 2000. I play this video during the second hour of my first session of Apologetics to Islam. It is a powerful message for anyone who names Jesus as Lord. Don't waste your life!


How does one go about sharing about Jesus with a Muslim? How can we get the conversation started? What other tools are available to assist in sharing the gospel with Muslims? These and more are answered in this last installment.



For the final hour of this class, I show a video of Jay Smith discussing what to do and what not to do when talking with Muslims. Unfortunately, I2 Ministries will not allow this video to be posted. You may contact them and purchase their $300 package of materials where this video is included.

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