During this session I normally show a video in which Jay Smith describes a tour he gives through the British Museum and British Library. The tour is intended to show the archeological evidence that supports the authenticity of the Bible. The notes for this tour can be downloaded here and read. Unfortunately, the copyright owners of the video, i2 Ministries, do not allow me to post that video here. The video is part of a $300 course you can purchase through them.

Or, you can order a DVD set of the actual tour with Jay, for about $20, through 222 Ministries Publications. This 3 DVD set was filmed at the museum and library and shows the actual artifacts that demonstrate the historical accuracy of the Bible. Establishing the accracy of the Bible is critical because in Lesson 6 we examine the Qur'an to see how it stands up to critical analysis similar to what the Bible has undergone.

NOTE: The DVD set will not play on a TV-type DVD player in the United States, since it is recorded in PAL, the video format used in Europe. However, you should have no problem playing them in your desktop or laptop computer DVD player.

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