Welcome back to this video series on Apologetics to Islam. If you have not yet done so, please view lesson 1 here before viewing this lesson, as the materials build upon one another. Later lessons assume knowledge from prior lessons.

The lecture notes for this lesson can be downloaded and printed from here.


Session 1

Session 1 introduces Islam, the foundational understanding of God, man, angels, revelation, judgment. The five pillars are briefly reviewed. Study notes for this session can be downloaded here. Audio of this hour in mp3 format can be downloaded here.


Session 2

When I conduct live training, I show a video called "Theological Differences Between Islam and Christiantiy" by Jay Smith for session 2 of this module. Unfortunately, the copyright holder of this video, i2 Ministries, has not given me permission to share that resource. However, I have a similar video where Jay presents the same information below.

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