Islam's Inconsistencies, part 1

Is Islam a coherent and consistent ideology, or does it have inconsistencies? If Islam is born of the one true God then we would expect it to be consistent in its message and in its comprehensibility. This is the first of many videos to explore Islam to see if it all fits together and makes sense, or if it rather seems to be incoherent and inconsistent.


Islam's Inconsistencies, part 2


Islam's Inconsistencies: Love

From where does love originate? Islam acknowledges Allah as a loving god, but can this be so? Whom did Allah love in eternity past before the creation? How does this predicament affect the concept of love in humans?


Islam's Inconsistencies: God's mercy vs. God's justice

Islam teaches that God is both merciful and just, but how can these two opposed attributes of God be reconciled in Islamic theology? How can Allah be both merciful and just at the same time? Do Muslims really understand what God's justice entails? Here are some thoughts.


Islam's Inconsistencies: Muhammad, part 1 of 2

Is Muhammad's actions consistent with the revelation supposedly given to him by Allah? Does Muhammad adhere to Qur'anic injunctions or do we find him carving out special exceptions for himself?

Islam's Inconsistencies: Muhammad, part 2

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