The next time you hear a Muslim apologist or someone from CAIR intone about Islam being a peaceful and tolerant religion, consider the activities of those in power within Islamic societies. There is nothing tolerant about the treatment of non-Muslims in Islamic societies.

Case in point: This past Sunday, March 7, 2010, several dozen missionaries in Morocco were rounded up and given less than 24 hours notice to pack up and leave. Many of these had been involved in humanitarian efforts such as operating orphanages and caring for children the Moroccan government would have otherwise let die on the streets.

In their defense, the officials of Morocco are simply acting in accordance with the example Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, set for them to follow. Before his death in 632 A.D. Muhammad succeeded in expelling every Jew from Saudi Arabia (if they had not been killed before then). Islam has never been tolerant, even from its very beginning.

VoH foreign workers expelled from Morocco

March 08, 2010 17:27 GMT

Dear friends

We have just been called together by the authorities and told that all 20 foreigners at VoH must leave the country. They have not told us how long we have left, but it will be between 1 and 3 days. The reason given is that the abandoned children in the care of VoH have been proselytised to by us, that we are trying to make them Christian. This is despite the fact that we have always been open about our faith to the authorities, and for 10 years they have allowed VoH to take in and foster children abandoned by this society, children who would otherwise be killed or placed in state run ‘mega’ orphanages.

For us we leave friends, memories, hard work, but we leave with our children William and Samuel. For others it is not so easy. 33 children have just been abandoned again by the actions of the Moroccan state. Their foster mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers, must now leave them in Morocco and return to their home countries. These 33 children have never known another mother. Some of them have been here for 10 years, since the start of VoH. One of the older children just said to Tina, ‘Why couldn’t I have real parents’. Watching the children be told by their parents that they had to leave, that they would maybe never see them again, is the most painful thing I have ever witnessed.

Please pray for the children of Village of Hope, and for their parents and foster siblings who they must now farewell.

And underneath are the everlasting arms.

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