Our desire is to equip the church to communicate with Muslims effectively and with boldness and confidence. To that end, we will make available resources as they become developed. Check back here often as this will be an ongoing effort.


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The Corruption of Christian Scripture

Crucifixion: Fact or Fiction?

Did God become a Man?

One God or Three?

Faithful Unto Death

Four Good Reasons

A Letter

Gold Coin

The Wisdom

Informational Brochures

These are two-page trifold brochures on a number of topics related to Islam, to provide a general introduction to each topic and for use as a quick reference. I will be adding to this collection over time, so check back often.

Five Questions to Ask a Muslim

Five Questions Muslims Ask (coming soon)

Islam in a Nutshell

What About Jihad?

What You Need to Know About Muhammad

What You Need to Know about the Qur'an (coming soon)

Scripture Muslims Misuse, part 1 (coming soon)

Scripture Muslims Misuse, part 2 (coming soon)


The Message of Nabi Isa

One God, One Message (series of 8 booklets)
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Facing The Muslim Challenge

Sharing The Gospel With Muslims

Premesis and Principles of Muslim Evangelism

Reach Out - What Every Christian Should Know About Islam and Muslims

Will Islam Be Our Future? (sold on Amazon as "Antichrist: Islam's Awaited Messiah")


Listed below are papers that I have gleaned from others, plus those written by me. I owe a debt of gratitude to Jay Smith who has graciously allowed me to make his research papers available.

Jihad - Joe Carey

Hermeneutical Key - Jay Smith

Is the Quran the Word of God? - Jay Smith

Muhammad-A Christian Apologetic - Jay Smith

The Bible-A Christian Apologetic - Jay Smith

The Quran-A Christian Apologetic - Jay Smith

Debate and Dialog - Walter Eric

Status and Position of Women in Islam - Christel Gschwandtner

Umma and the Body of Christ - Reinhold Strähler

What Is Islam? - Walter Eric

Who Is a Muslim? - Walter Eric

Women In Islam: What Muslims Don't Want You to Know - Joe Carey

Jam Al-Quran - John Gilchrist

British Museum Tour - Jay Smith

Common Word

In October 2007, 138 Islamic scholars issued a letter to Christian leaders worldwide to unite together for the sake of peace and harmony around the shared values of Love of God and Love of Neighbor. This letter became known as "The Common Word" letter. This letter and subsequent responsed from Christians has created quite a bit of discussion. A website has been dedicated to tracking the responses of this initiative.

Below are a few resources to help you become acquainted with this letter and its significance in Muslim-Christian dialog.

A Common Word - the letter sent by Muslim scholars to Christian leaders.

Yale Divinity School response - full page ad from the New York Times, with the signatures of 300 US Christian leaders.

Notes on A Common Word - A critical analysis of The Common Word letter by Dr. Mark Durie.


Christian Apologetics to Islam Coursepack - Papers on Muhammad, the Quran, and the Bible combined into one document.

Classics on Islamic Studies

The following works are all from renowned Islamic scholars from the early-mid 20th century and are highly recommended reading for those interested in a serious study of Islam and the Christian response. These have been scanned from their original publications, scanned with OCR software to recognize the text, and converted to pdf.

Gairdner: God as Triune
Goldsack: Muhammad and the Bible
Goldsack: Qur'an in Islam
Goldsack: Traditions in Islam
Goldsack: Muhammad in Islam
Goldsack: God in Islam
Goldsack: Origins of the Qur'an
Goldsack: Bible in Islam
Harris: How to Lead Moslems to Christ
Ibn Ishaq: Sirat Rasul Allah (opens in new browser window)
Irwin: What Christians Need to Know About Muslims
Jones: Approach to Muslim Women
Jones: Women in Islam
Madany: The Bible and Islam
Peers: Ramon (Raymond) Lull
Sell: Battles of Badr and Uhud
Sell: Muslim Conquests in North Africa
Sell: Outlines of Islam
Sell: Recensions of the Quran
Sell: The Twelve Shi'a Imams
Sell: Al-Khulafa Al-Rashidun (Four Rightly Guided Caliphs)
Sell: Al-Quran
Sell: Baha'ism
Sell: Cult of Ali
Sell: Druzes
Sell: Essays on Islam
Sell: Faith of Islam
Sell: Historical Development of Quran
Sell: Islam's Rise and Progress
Sell: Life of Muhammad
Sell: Religious Orders
Sell: Studies in Islam
Sell: Sufism
Smith: Henry Martyn
Subhan: How a Sufi Found His Lord
Subhan: Islam Its Belief and Practices
Tisdall: Original Sources of the Quran
Torrey: Jewish Foundation of Islam
Upson: Arabic Simplified , Arabic Simplified key
Wherry: Comprehensive Commentary of the Qur'an, Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4
Wilson: Apostle to Islam
Zwemer: Law of Apostasy
Zwemer: Moslem Christ
Zwemer: Moslem Doctrine of God
Zwemer: Call to Prayer
Zwemer: Cross Above the Crescent
Zwemer: Glory of the Cross
Zwemer: Islam: A Challenge to Faith
Zwemer: Raymond Lull

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