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Muslims in Dearborn: We Love Them!

Have you heard that Dearborn, Michigan is a 'no-go zone'? Have you heard that you cannot share the gospel with Muslims in Dearborn? Do you think that Christians in Dearborn are naive about Islam's history? Watch this video, and then share it with others too!

Life Under Sharia in Indonesia

What do you get when you export Islam (according to Muhammad) from Arabia into the animistic religious society of Indonesia? Answer: The most highly populated Muslim population in the world, where most of the Muslims are nominal.

However, the most northwestern area of Indonesia is where you'll find Sharia implemented much more strictly than in the rest of the nominal country. This video will give you a look of what life is like in Aceh where, not surprisingly, it's common to find people who support ISIS, and believe that Middle Eastern countries are the ones who correctly enforce Sharia.

UK Security Services Are Investigating 700 Live Terror Plots

Screen Shot 2019 01 27 at 21423 PMYes, you read that correctly. And the article also revealed that "a total of 18 potentially deadly plots had been thwarted since March 2017 - almost one a month." Many people are still not aware of what has happened to the U.K. over the last couple of decades. Tony has said many times, "America and other countries need to learn from the U.K.'s mistakes. If we do not learn from their mistakes, we will follow in their footsteps." If you would like more details about this breaking news story, just click the photo to the left. However, it would be more beneficial to learn about the Islamization of the United Kingdom in general, and that is the title of this classic interview that Tony had with Tommy Robinson. Just click the photo below to watch the show.

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The Deception of 'Interfaith Dialogues'

Chances are, you've probably seen these type of events in your area regardless of where you live in the West. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of why these events are set up and the overall agenda. Therefore, watch and share this important show featuring Tony Gurule, Joe Carey, Dr. Jay Smith, and Usama Dakdok, because people need to know about the deception of 'interfaith dialogues.'

To watch the show, click the picture below.