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Click Here if You Are a Muslim 2

We also asked some other people if they would recommend Radical Truth to others, and here is what they said:


"Absolutely, because I believe all Christians have Muslims in their lives in some way or another. With the great

population of Muslims in California alone, learning is a must for every Christian. We need tools to take all fear away."


"Yes, the course imparts a lot of valuable information and equips learners with the beginning tools that they can use to reach Muslims."


"Absolutely. This course was very enlightening. I learned far more than expected. I have enjoyed it throughly."


"I wanted to share with you great news! Today I was able to witness to a Muslim woman, and she received Christ! Thanks for

supplying me with knowledge I would not have known had I not taken your class. Hopefully it's stories like mine that make you go."


"Definitely. It was so informative and it is awesome how God has changed my heart

and helped me to feel compassion for these people who are being misled."


"Your class made it possible for us to know how to witness to Muslims. Several are close to converting!"


"I believe Islam is emerging as one of the major factors in world events today and we as Christians

need to know how to defend our faith and bring the saving knowledge of Jesus to a lost world." 


"Last week I invited several Muslim ladies to the Women's Tea . . . I have a totally different

perspective on how to share with my neighbors since I took your class last summer."


"I have been praying since 2009 for the Lord to let me see a Muslim come to Christ.

Tonight God answered my prayer! I met a young Muslim woman. I talked with her about the 'scales' and about 'Isa.'

She had been longing for Him. She prayed to receive Jesus and will be getting baptized. Thank you Jesus."


"Thank you so much for this class! It has really changed my view and given me a love for these people that I didn't have before."