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Here are the resources custom made by Radical Truth that we have available on our information tables at LIVE speaking events, and now they're available through our website as well! In fact, when you make a donation HERE in the amount of $25 dollars or more, you can request one FREE resource below!

Here's How It Works:
When you make a donation of $25 or more, in the "Additional Information" section of our donation form, if you write, "Option 1" we'll mail you a DVD set, if you write "Option 2" we'll mail you a 'Radical Truth' flash drive, if you write "Option 3" we'll mail you the 'Lights Out' Trilogy DVD, or if you write "Option 4" we'll mail you BOTH booklets! Simply click HERE to make a donation, and more details about each resource are below!



Topics included are:
1) Introduction to Apologetics to Islam
2) The Christian and the Great Commission
3) Islam 101: Basic Beliefs and Practices
4) Christianity and Islam: Theological Differences
5) Jihad: Parts 1 & 2
6) Muhammad: Parts 1 & 2
7) Authority of the Bible
8) Qur'an: Parts 1 & 2
9) Women in Islam: Parts 1 & 2
10) Answering Objections: Parts 1 & 2
11) Sharing the Gospel with Muslims: Parts 1, 2, and 3
12) Do's and Dont's of Muslim Evangelism
+ Bonus "Resource Disc" with a TON of reading material!

The training course is available in a six-disc set (five DVDs + Resource DVD) OR on one convenient flash drive that you can plug in to your computer!




Here are three of Tony Gurule's high-quality, visual presentations conveniently on ONE DVD!

This disc can be played in a DVD player or computer and it includes the following presentations:

1) "Lights Out: When Islam Rules America"

2) "The Muslim Brotherhood: Origin, Identity, and Agenda"

3) "Unveiling the Facts of Sharia (Islamic Law)



These two booklets were written by Joe Carey, Founder of Radical Truth.

Both booklets are approximately 40-pages long and printed on letter-sized paper.