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Include Radical Truth in your estate plan and make donations 'now or later' with any of the following giving options:

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Thank you for your interest in supporting Radical Truth through a legacy gift, helping ensure the continuation of our ministry for years to come. Our plans for the future are simple. We’ll be proclaiming Truth, sharing the Gospel, and exposing Islam for as long as God allows us to. Whether we do that by television, podcasts, visual presentations, articles, public speaking, the Internet—or whatever technology comes next—the commitment of Radical Truth will remain the same: Equip the body of Christ with the training necessary to effectively engage Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

By including Radical Truth in your estate, you will be leaving a spiritual legacy that will help future generations 'reach the lost' and 'equip the found' as we continue to proclaim Truth, share the Gospel, and expose Islam.

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