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Book Review: Honor Killing

Review of "Honor Killing: A Professional's Guide to Sexual Relations and Ghayra Violence from the Islamic Sources" by Daniel Akbari and Paul TetreaultComprehensive. Sourced. Well researched. Logically arranged. Continue Reading...

Hate Speech in Dearborn?

On Good Friday, March 18, 2014 a Christian woman stood along the public roadway adjacent to the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan. She was holding a sign which read, "I serve a risen Savior Jesus Christ. Muhammad is dead." One of the worshippers from the mosque named Norman approached… Continue Reading...
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Islam in the Classroom

ATTENTION PARENTS!! Do you know what your children are being taught in our public schools regarding the origins and history of Islam? Are they learning the truth, or a sanitized, white-washed version of history? Are all religions treated with the same level of accuracy in history? Does it matter? Continue Reading...

Restore the Caliphate?

According to Walid Shoebat, former PLO terrorist, the world needs to keep a close eye on a NATO member nation: Turkey! Restoring the Islamic caliphate that fell in 1924 with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire seems to be the goal of Turkey's leader Tayyip Recep Erdogan. Continue Reading...
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U.K. - Social Benefits for Multiple Wives

This story is quite old but I am finding very few who are aware of this development in the U.K. Shock and disbelief are the usual reactions I get when I mention this little-known capitulation in the U.K. to Muslim social structure. Husbands with multiple wives have been given the go-ahead to claim… Continue Reading...
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Women in Islam: From Islam's Sources

Introduction To hear groups like the Council of American-Islamic Relations or the Islamic Society of North America, Islam holds women in high regard. Indeed, Souad Saleh, a female professor at Al-Ahzar University in Cairo and a vocal proponent of women’s rights in Egypt, recently stated, “Islam is… Continue Reading...