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Blood Mike

Blood Dreams From Jesus

There is a divine explosion of dreams and visions entering the human realm in the Middle East amongst Muslims. God is penetrating the intellect and hearts of Muslims and with the blood of Christ. Ravi Zacharias, an Indian-born Canadian-American and apologist has commented on these profound… Continue Reading...
Opposites Don't Attract.jpg

Opposites Don't Attract

The Quran seems to suggest - and many Muslims would like to believe - that Christianity and Islam have much in common. Sura 5:82 states, "Thou wilt surely find the most hostile of men to the believes [Muslims] are the Jews and idolaters; and thou wilt surely find the nearest of them in love to the… Continue Reading...
Salvation in Islam & Christianity.jpg

Salvation in Islam & Christianity

Islam and Christianity differ in significant and fundamental ways. Many of these differences can be seen to be in direct contrast to one another. The Law of Non-Contradiction states that a thing and its opposite cannot both be true at the same time and in the same sense. Thus, theological… Continue Reading...
Jesus Hand

The Dream: When a Muslim Encountered Christ

“So, you mean to tell me you left Islam for a dream?,” asked Jamal sarcastically. "Not just because of a dream, but it had something to do with it," I said. Shaking his head in utter disbelief and disgust that a Muslim would abandon Islam for Christianity, Jamal replied, “May Allah have mercy on… Continue Reading...
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The Resurrection of Jesus: Thoughts of a Former Muslim

Where does a Muslim find their hope? I ask because Easter is coming in a few days. There was a time while in Christianity, when I celebrated the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. But once I became a Muslim, the resurrection became pagan to me. There is no cross in Islam, so there is no… Continue Reading...
Who is Jesus to You

Who Is Jesus to YOU?

So, you think you know Jesus? At one time, I thought I knew Jesus, I believed he was the Son of God and even preached this truth, but I did not have a relationship with him. I abandoned Christianity and accepted Islam. In the Islamic faith, I believed in a different Jesus, a prophetic Jesus who is… Continue Reading...