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On Good Friday, March 18, 2014 a Christian woman stood along the public roadway adjacent to the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan. She was holding a sign which read, "I serve a risen Savior Jesus Christ. Muhammad is dead." One of the worshippers from the mosque named Norman approached the woman to ask about her sign and challenged her to accompany him into the mosque where they could have a discussion. You can see the exchange below; it is just over three minutes.

I first saw this video on the Facebook page for the Dearborn Community Members. I complimented Norman on his handling of the encounter. I thought he was fair, though at one point his actions bordered on badgering. But the next day, the Arab Daily News posted anonline article accusing the Christian woman of engaging in hate speech. Recognizing the hypocrisy of the situation, I immediately set out to respond to the video with my own video, below. However, continue reading for an even more insidious problem I see arising in our nation in this regard.

The New Hate Speech

This issue is troubling for more than the reasons I say in the video. For the last several years, the 57 member nation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has attempted to receive endorsement for an initiative they call the Defamation of Religions Act. If enacted, adopted and ratified by the United States, this act would prohibit and criminalize any criticism of Islam. And what is even more troubling is that Hillary Clinton attended closed door meetings with representatives of the OIC to entertain the possibility of ratifying the act for the United States.

It seems this is likely what Ray Hanania, reporter for the Arab Daily News, had in mind when he accused this woman of hate speech. In his mind, has the United States already adopted U.N. Resolution 16/18, otherwise known as the Defamation of Religions Act? That appears to be a possibility.

One might ask why Muslims are so concerned with legitimate investigation and criticism of Islam. Is it due to an unbridled lust for power and control over others? After all, when a sheikh or mufti issues an edict, Muslims must obey and not question. The power over the life of the average Muslim by the authority structure of Islam could certainly be tempting. Is it because those in power know that any critical inquiry into Islam may cause doubts among the faithful and cause them to leave the fold? Absolutely.

Regardless the reason, we must stand firmly and defeat any attempt to silence critical inquiry into Islam, not because it violates a deeply held right to freedom of speech in our nation, but because Muslims are being led astray. Islam is false. It stands in opposition to everything the Bible teaches. It is a lie that is deceiving over one billion people into an eternity of hell. Criticism exposes Islam for the lie it is. We should expect opposition for exposing the lies of the enemy of God, but we cannot and must not be silent. Too many lives are at stake.