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Vice President of Radical Truth

Missionary, Speaker & Trainer


Tony Gurule is the Vice President of Radical Truth, a full-time missionary, ordained minister, speaker, and trainer. He is also the host of the Radical Truth TV Show & Podcast. Tony began his formal education in Christian apologetics in 2008, and in 2010 he began taking classes on Islam. In 2012, Tony found our website ( and that is when he contacted Joe Carey, Founder of Radical Truth. Tony and Joe quickly became friends, especially after learning that a couple of their Islamic Studies professors were good friends as well. Soon after that, Tony and Joe worked together regularly on many television shows. After Joe Carey died in 2018, Tony was one of the few men who Radical Truth's Board of Directors had in mind to carry on the torch of Radical Truth.

Tony's ministry work can be seen and heard on many online platforms, however, he was banned on Facebook in 2018 and then banned on Vimeo in 2020 shortly after, "Lights Out: When Islam Rules America" was uploaded to his channel.

Here's what some people have said after attending one of Tony's talks, sermons, trainings, or presentations:

"My church's Mission Team had nothing but great things to say about your evangelism training!"
- Pastor Mark L. after a "Simple Steps to Share the Gospel" evangelism training.
"The response to your appearance was perhaps the most enthusiastic regarding any guest we have ever had! I am contacting you now to book another event."
- Leslie L. after an "Unveiling the Facts of Sharia: Islamic Law" presentation.
"The Board of Directors all agreed you hit it out of the park. Everyone heard great comments and everyone definitely learned a ton, and many had their eyes opened for the first time!"
- Sharon G. after a "Lights Out: When Islam Rules America" presentation.
"After seeing Tony’s ability to passionately and effectively train others, he has became my go-to recommendation for 'Apologetics to Muslims' and 'Evangelism' for the whole network of churches I serve in."
- Pastor Sam S. after booking Tony for multiple sermons & training events.
"Several people came up to me telling me how much great information you gave! I appreciate it!"
- Kati R. after a "Why Christianity: Hard Questions & Real Answers" apologetics training.
"I've never seen our group give anyone a standing ovation before."
- Alisha H. after a "Lights Out: When Islam Rules America" presentation.
"Your ministry is a great gift to the church. Thank you for all that you do."
- Al H. after a "Why Christianity: Hard Questions & Real Answers" apologetics training.

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Speaking Details

Tony's talks and sermons include full media (high-quality visual presentations), and he has spoken at national & regional conferences, church sponsored seminars, Sunday school classes, church sermons, homeschool events, college & high school groups, youth groups, private clubs, organizations, retreats, and political events & meetings.


Tony did not grow up in a Christian home, but by God's grace he became a Christian near the beginning of 2004. While he was at work one day, a random customer handed him a Gospel tract. The tract led him to a website where he was taken through a "Good Person Test," which used the Ten Commandments as God's standard of goodness. For the first time in his life, Tony realized why he was a sinner, and his personal need for a Savior. It was then that he came to a place of biblical, repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord immediately gave Tony a heart for the lost, and for the last twenty years he has been heavily involved in personal evangelism, and he regularly teaches classes on evangelism, apologetics, and Islam.