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Our mission is to equip the body of Christ with the training necessary to effectively engage Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to remove stumbling blocks in order to share the gospel clearly and effectively. We mobilize the body of Christ to apply the principles of the Great Commission among the Muslim world. To this end, we exist to:

  • Provide training in Christian evangelism directed toward those of other religious belief systems and provide this training without charge for any church, small group, college Christian club, or any other Christian group regardless of denominational affiliation. The Gospel is a free gift and the gift of teaching comes from God (it is not ours to profit from). 

  • Provide training in defense of the Christian faith, otherwise known as Christian apologetics.

  • Provide a forum for practical application of classroom training through outreach events: fairs, festivals, carnivals, debates, malls, and other venues.

  • Create instructional material on DVD, web, and any other technology that might be developed.

  • Partner with other ministries involved with Muslim evangelism to enhance one another's effectiveness.

  • Attend Muslim symposiums / seminars to learn the methods of outreach they find effective, using the knowledge gained to improve our effectiveness.

  • Research the latest in Islamic studies scholarship and stay informed about new developments in Quranic studies, Islamic history, Islamic source material, criticisms of Islam, and other areas relevant to unveiling Islam for the deception that it is. 

  • Create & Distribute written materials such as tracts, fliers, and booklets to augment the defense of the Christian faith and evangelism efforts.

  • Develop & Maintain an active website as an online training resource for pastors, leaders, students, and others who desire to know more about Islam and how to reach Muslims effectively with the gospel.

We love Muslims and seek to help others develop the same love. At the same time, we do not cover up or sugar coat Islam, but expose it for the evil deception that it is. We stand against Islam, not Muslims. We view Muslims as primarily the greatest victims of the lies of Islam and seek to rescue them from the deception of Islam. As a faith supported ministry, God has graciously supplied our needs since 2007 through those whom He has called to partner with us in bringing the gospel to Muslims and exposing Islam. We welcome your support if God is leading you to help get the gospel message to Muslims and inform and educate all people about Islam. To help support our work, please visit our Donate page.