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Mike Westerfield is a writer and speaker for Radical Truth. He has been a guest on Colliding Worldviews on the Aramaic Broadcasting Network's, Trinity Channel, and he has written articles for GO! Christian Magazine's apologetics column. Mike holds a master's degree in Christian Studies (Pastoral Ministry) as well as two other graduate degrees. He is retired from the law enforcement profession and is currently employed as an Addictions Therapist.


Mike is an ex-Muslim of 12-years; however, he was not always a Muslim. At one time he was a Christian minister in the Restoration Movement, but he never had a living relationship with Jesus. He was led astray while in Bible college at the age of 23 years-old. Mike accepted Islam in June of 2001.

He became a Muslim Chaplain, but in time, he started to see a side of Islam that disturbed his soul. Mike started to re-examine the Christian faith, but Islam had a psychological hold on him. Mike wrote an article defending Islam in response to the 10th anniversary of 9/11, titled, "Murderous Muslims Defy the True Teaching of Islam." Joe Carey refuted the article. Mike and Joe eventually became friends and Mike was introduced to an ex-Muslim turned Christian apologist, Abdu Murray. Mike had many theological discussions with Joe and Abdu.

Unbeknownst to Mike, Abdu and Christian apologist Josh McDowell prayed one night for Jesus to appear to Mike in a dream because intellectually, he was having a tough time surrendering to Christ. That same night, Mike had a dream in which Jesus appeared to him and this shook his foundation in Islam. By the grace of God, Mike surrendered his life to Jesus on January 26, 2013.