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Several years ago a well-known Muslim apologist, Shabir Ally, published a paper called "101 Clear Contradictions in the Bible" which has taken a life of its own. This paper was given to Jay Smith during a debate between the two. 101 Clear Contradictions has been republished on many Islamic websites. For examples, see here and here.

After the debate Jay and three other friends wrote a response paper called "101 Cleared Up Contradictions in the Bible." The next time Jay saw Shabir, he handed the paper to Shabir without comment. A response to the paper by Jay an friends has never been issued by Shabir. Thus, another attempt by Muslims to mock and ridicule the Bible has soundly been put to rest.

As the authors note, all the supposed contradictions fall into a handful of general categories of mistakes: a misunderstanding of the historical context or the author's intent, or copyist errors introduced during the scribal copying process. In any case, each supposed contradiction is fully answered with detailed explanation.

I will not reproduce the authors' work here. But I will offer a download of a pdf copy of the paper Jay gave me. Here it is with his permission. Enjoy.