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Here are a list of articles informing you about the Afghanistan / Taliban situation, beginning on August 15, 2021. Articles are listed in chronological order based on the date and time that the articles were published. Clicking on any of the news headlines below will automaticailly open a new tab with the full news story.

Aug. 15 (4:06pm) - US Abandons American Citizens in Afghanistan — Tells Them to Go Hide

Aug. 15 (6:18pm) - Coming Soon to Kabul: Women Beaten with Sticks, Shot in the Head in Stadium Executions (VIDEO)

Aug. 15 (7:35pm) - Pictures and Videos Show Helicopters and People Racing to Get Nowhere in Afghanistan

Aug. 15 (7:41pm) - Taliban Declares Victory and Announces ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ From Presidential Palace (VIDEO)

Aug. 16 (4:55am) - Watch: 100s Of US Citizens Scramble Aboard C-17 As Taliban Ready To Declare "Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan"

Aug. 16 (7:37am) - JOE BIDEN’S SAIGON: Afghans Fall from Plane Fleeing Kabul Airport — Crowds at Airport Worse than Withdrawal from Vietnam

Aug. 16 (9:00am) - Gen. Mark Milley and US Military Leaders Touted Afghanistan’s Ability to Prevent Taliban Takeover Less than 4 Weeks Ago — Boy Were They Wrong

Aug. 16 (9:42am) - Taliban's Mullah Baradar To Be New Afghan President

Aug. 16 (10:31am) - CNN Reporter in Kabul: “They’re Just Chanting ‘Death to America’ But They Seem Friendly at the Same Time”

Aug. 16 (10:50am) - Ousted Afghan President Fled Country With Cars, Helicopter "Stuffed Full Of Cash"

Aug. 16 (12:08pm) - US Troops Kill Two Armed Men Attempting To Breach Kabul Airport

Aug. 16 (12:19pm) - President Biden Orders 7,000 US Troops To Protect Kabul Airport After Horrific Scenes

Aug. 16 (12:20pm) - PRIDE COMES BEFORE THE FALL: US Embassy in Kabul Was Celebrating Pride Month as Taliban Launched Final Campaign to Retake Country

Aug. 16 (2:35pm) - What A Difference A Day Makes...In Afghanistan

Aug. 16 (3:00pm) - Afghan Protesters ‘Hopeless’ Outside White House: Biden Has Revived Islamic Terrorism, It Will Have Bad Consequences for Our Country

Aug. 16 (3:40pm) - Afghan President Reportedly Fled Country with Four Cars and Helicopter Full of Cash

Aug. 16 (4:40pm) - Heartwrenching: Female Afghan Reporter Breaks Down During Pentagon Press Briefing on Future for Women Under the Taliban in Afghanistan (VIDEO)

Aug. 16 (4:40pm) - Just In: Two Armed Afghans Dead after US Troops Forced to Return Fire During Evacuation at Kabul Airport

Aug. 16 (6:00pm) - FAIL: Biden’s Pentagon Spox Said Kabul Was Not in an “Imminent Threat Environment” Just 3 Days Ago

Aug. 16 (6:53pm) - To the Victor Go the Spoils: Taliban Fighters with Helicopter Filled with Weapons Take a Ride Over Herat, Afghanistan (VIDEO)

Aug. 16 (8:40pm) - Taliban "Collect" Weapons From Civilians In Kabul As They "No Longer Need Personal Protection"

Aug. 17 (8:20am) - Biden’s Failure Explodes as Nearly 70% Disapprove of His Handling of Afghanistan: Poll

Aug. 17 (8:44am) - Afghanistan’s First Female Mayor: I Am Sitting With My Family Waiting for the Taliban to Come Kill Me — As Joe Biden is on Vacation

Aug. 17 (9:48am) - Pentagon Spokesman: Only 150 Americans Were On Plane Filled with 640 Civilians Fleeing Kabul Airport

Aug. 17 (11:51am) - Taliban Tells Joe Biden to Withdraw All US Troops by September 11 – The 20th Anniversary of the 9-11 Attacks

Aug. 17 (12:35pm) - US Treasury Freezes Billions In Afghan Reserves, Depriving Taliban Of Cash

Aug. 17 (1:20pm) - Maryland, Georgia, and Virginia Say They Are ‘Ready and Willing’ to Take ‘Thousands’ More Afghan Refugees

Aug. 17 (2:30pm) - Taliban Immediately Moves To Confiscate Firearms From Civilians

Aug. 17 (3:50pm) - Who Could Have Guessed it? Obama’s “Taliban Five” Were Instrumental in the Overthrow of Afghanistan

Aug. 17 (4:59pm) - Photo of the Day: Armed Taliban Barbarians Corral Their Women and Children Under UN Sign Promoting Gender Equality in Afghanistan

Aug. 17 (5:29pm) - ABSOLUTE HORROR: Biden Admin Sends Out Message to Thousands of Americans Trapped in Kabul – “We Cannot Guarantee Your Security”

Aug. 17 (5:45pm) - Pentagon Admits Taliban Has Billions In US Weapons; Biden Has Yet To Speak To Any World Leaders Since Fall Of Kabul

Aug. 17 (6:08pm) - Al Jazeera Anchor: Taliban Spokesperson Took Questions After His Speech, Unlike Biden

Aug. 17 (10:04pm) - Independent Voters Polled In Real Time Gave Biden’s Afghanistan Speech An ‘F’

Aug. 18 (8:07am) - VIDEO – HORROR IN KABUL: Taliban Begins Home Searches, Public Beatings, Women Scream for Help Outside Airport Gate, Traitors Beaten in Street as Up to 40,000 Americans Remain Trapped in Country

Aug. 18 (8:50am) - Taliban Leader Abdul Ghani Baradar Arrives in Kabul to Lead Islamic State of Afghanistan Government

Aug. 18 (9:26am) - NEW VIDEO Shows MASSIVE CROWD of Civilians Flooding Tarmac at Kabul Airport as US Aircraft Attempt Takeoff – Helicopters Called In to Disperse Crowd

Aug. 18 (11:51am) - New Photos Expose Taliban's Barbaric Behavior Across Afghanistan

Aug. 18 (1:18pm) - The Taliban Now Controls 11 Former US Bases, Approxmately 174 Humvees, 10,000 High Explosive Rockets and 6 Light Attack Aircraft

Aug. 18 (5:30pm) - "Get Us!" Surreal Footage Shows Trapped Americans Pleading To Be Let Inside Kabul Airport

Aug. 18 (6:42pm) - Taliban Execute Four Afghanistan Army and Police Commanders in Kandahar Cricket Stadium

Aug. 18 (7:30pm) - Taliban Kills Woman For Not Wearing A Burqa, While News Outlets Continue To Echo False Narrative From Taliban

Aug. 19 (-------) - Taliban Going Door To Door Seeking Christians, Searching Through Phones For Bible Apps: Report

Aug. 19 (7:00am) - CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: Biden State Dept. Focused on Gender Equality as 10,000-20,000 Americans Remain Trapped inside Afghanistan

Aug. 19 (7:55am) - Taliban Official Announces Group Will Rule Afghanistan with Sharia Law and 'No Democratic System'

Aug. 19 (8:02am) - It Begins: Afghan Mothers Toss Their Babies to British Soldiers Outside Kabul Airport to Save Them from Taliban as Chaos Continues

Aug. 19 (8:58am) - Taliban Torch Amusement Park After They Were Filmed Enjoying Bumper Cars the Day Before (VIDEO)

Aug. 19 (2:39pm) - Report: Taliban Infiltrate WhatsApp Groups, Threaten to “Chop Into Pieces” and “Throw Away” Female Students Who Show Up to Class Wearing Lipstick and Nail Polish

Aug. 19 (5:20pm) - Senators "Horrified" To See Black Hawk Helicopters In Taliban Hands

Aug. 19 (5:50pm) - CNN Reporter Who Said Taliban ‘Seem Friendly’, Gets Chased By Armed Taliban After Being Told To Cover Face

Aug. 19 (7:10pm) - Taliban Terrorists Control More Territory in Afghanistan Today than They Did on 9-11

Aug. 19 (9:40pm) - Taliban "Carrying Out Door-To-Door Manhunt": Intel Group

Aug. 20 (8:26am) - Afghans Hold Large Protest in Jalalabad to Keep Afghanistan Flag – Taliban Shoot 3 Protesters Dead (VIDEO)

Aug. 20 (8:45am) - Taliban Fighters in Suicide Vests March in Zabul Carrying US-Made Weapons – Military Commander in Kabul Shows Off Fleet of US Humvees

Aug. 21 (7:23am) - Taliban 2.0: ‘Special Forces’ Unit Patrolling Streets of Kabul Wear US Military Uniforms and Left Behind Body Armor

Aug. 21 (9:20am) - CNN Reporter Who Blasted Biden “Failure” LEAVES Afghanistan

Aug. 21 (1:26pm) - Report: Taliban Sets a Woman on Fire for Her Bad Cooking

Aug. 21 (1:33pm) - Biden State Department Sent Out BLANK US Visas, Which Were Printed and Filled Out by Everyone in Kabul – Including Taliban (VIDEO)

Aug. 21 (2:37pm) - It’s Worse than We Thought: Taliban Seized 75,000 Vehicles, 600,000 Weapons and 200 Aircraft in Afghanistan Leftover by Biden Admin

Aug. 21 (2:57pm) - ULTIMATE INSULT: Taliban Mock Joe Biden and US – Recreate Iconic Iwo Jima Photo Wearing US Military Uniforms with Islamic Flag

Aug. 21 (3:30pm) - Bloody, Violent, Chaotic Scene as Shots Are Fired Outside Kabul Airport (VIDEO)

Aug. 22 (-------) - Biden Admin Considers Strikes To Destroy U.S. Military Equipment In Afghanistan After Taliban Takeover: Report

Aug. 22 (8:29am) - Taliban Terrorists Take 20 Children Hostage — Give Fathers 4 Hours to Surrender or the Children Will Be Killed (VIDEO)

Aug. 22 (8:52am) - “Utterly Horrendous… People Who Have Done Multiple Tours Say It’s the Worst Thing They Have Ever Seen – People Dying Outside Airport Gate” – Sky Reporter Tells of Horror Outside Airport (VIDEO)

Aug. 22 (9:08am) - Young Child Among Seven Killed in Crowd Stampede at Kabul Airport

Aug. 22 (11:09am) - Kamala Harris Laughs When Re