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Islamic Hate Crime Hoax Pakistani Family in Germany Sets Own House Ablaze Blames Extreme Right

Five Pakistani Muslim relatives have been apprehended in Germany following revelations that they orchestrated a self-inflicted fire in their residence last year. Initially attributing the arson to ‘extreme right-wing’ motives, it has since emerged that the family lied and staged the incident in a bid for insurance fraud.

According to a report by German newspaper Bild, the arrested family members not only face charges of insurance fraud but also of perpetrating racist vandalism within the property, including graffiti reading “foreigners out.”

The blaze, which engulfed their home on Christmas Day, raged for eight hours, resulting in damages totaling 350,000 euros. The incident sparked widespread left-wing condemnation of purported racism, with politicians and activists organizing vigils against what was believed to be a “hate crime” perpetrated by right-wing extremists.

Initially, law enforcement and fire investigators suspected the involvement of right-wing elements. However, suspicions shifted when inconsistencies arose in the family’s alibi. Notably, the 47-year-old Pakistani Muslim homeowner drew suspicion due to recent burn injuries despite claiming to have been absent during the fire. Prosecutors now assert the fire was deliberately set to facilitate an insurance payout.

A total of five suspects, including the house owner and his 34-year-old brother-in-law, have been arrested. They are accused, among other things, of joint arson using an accelerant, as stated in a press release by the public prosecutor’s office on Tuesday. Also in custody are the wife (33), the 18-year-old son, and a 55-year-old man from Pakistan who provided the family with a false alibi.

This revelation mirrors past instances where purported hate crimes were later exposed as orchestrated hoaxes. In a similar case last year, a German Green Party politician, Manoj Subramaniam, whose parents immigrated from Sri Lanka, was found guilty of fabricating a hate campaign against himself. Despite alleging harassment by anonymous far-right perpetrators, including defacing his car and doorbell with Nazi symbols, finding razors in his mailbox, and receiving a threatening letter from a Nazi organization, it was ultimately revealed that the left-wing politician had orchestrated the incidents.

Subsequently, the court fined him, a decision he appealed but lost. Shockingly, Subramaniam also resumed his position as a local advisor.

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