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Switzerland Armed Iranian Asylum Seeker Takes 15 Hostage Police and Media Invent Motives Video

The Iranian hostage-taker, proficient in Farsi and English, held 15 passengers and the conductor captive for four hours on the train, during which authorities stormed the scene, utilizing explosives to distract the perpetrator and ultimately neutralizing the threat with lethal force.

In a chilling incident that unfolded in the tranquil surroundings of Switzerland, a 32-year-old Iranian “asylum seeker” sent shockwaves through the town of Essert-sous-Champvent, near Lake Neuchâtel. The Islamic terrorist seized control of a train and held 15 hostages at knife and axe point. The incident, which occurred during after-work traffic on Thursday evening, lasted for around four tense hours before Swiss police intervened, ultimately resulting in the death of the assailant.

Hostage Crisis

The ordeal began at approximately 6:35 p.m. local time when the Iranian, armed with a knife, axe, and hammer, threatened the train conductor and the passengers on board. Despite the language barrier, with the man speaking primarily in Farsi, the seriousness of the situation was promptly recognized, and law enforcement authorities were notified.

For nearly four hours, the hostages, including the train engineer who was compelled to join them, remained under the control of the jihadi. According to “24 Heures,” some travelers were even tied up. Police conducted Negotiations partly via WhatsApp with a Farsi-speaking interpreter’s assistance to defuse the situation. However, the “motives” behind the attack remain unclear, as stated by Vincent Derouand, a spokesperson for the Vaud prosecutors’ office, who emphasized that investigations are ongoing.

In this moment, a passenger is capturing the hostage situation on film.


Police Intervention

As tensions escalated, the Swiss police made a decisive move to storm the train, utilizing explosives to create a diversion and isolate the perpetrator from the hostages. In the ensuing confrontation, the terrorist, allegedly wielding an axe, advanced towards a police officer, prompting the officer to open fire and fatally wounding the attacker. Fortunately, none of the hostages sustained any physical injuries during the harrowing ordeal.


Investigation and Motives

The incident, described by Swiss Prosecutor General Eric Kaltenrieder as “unprecedented” due to the number of victims and the extensive police intervention, underscores the rarity of hostage situations in Switzerland. While the country is generally regarded for its safety and security, such dangerous occurrences and attacks are steadily increasing due to mass illegal migration, primarily Islamic migrants.

Based on research conducted by RTS television in western Switzerland, the man initially arrived at the Boudry federal asylum center in the canton of Neuchâtel. However, he was subsequently relocated to the canton of Geneva, where he repeatedly disappeared and resurfaced on multiple occasions. Additionally, there were concerns regarding the risk of suicide. According to the investigation, he had been involved in minor offenses such as theft or public intoxication.

Despite the swift and successful resolution of the hostage crisis, questions linger regarding the Islamic migrant’s motivations. Authorities continue to investigate the incident to ascertain the factors of this alarming attack.

Media Response

Meanwhile, the mainstream media swiftly implemented their typical strategy of shielding Islamic supremacists. Initially, they emphasized, “he is not a terrorist,” despite law enforcement’s declaration that they have yet to determine the migrant’s motives. Subsequently, they insinuated that the migrant could be grappling with “psychological issues.” Finally, they began painting the terrorist as a destitute, weary migrant burdened by discrimination and stress from their illicit journey to his new host country.

One mainstream media outlet even stated that, according to initial investigations, his motives were attributed to his frustration as a migrant and his persistent desire to establish contact with a staff member of an asylum-seeker facility. The police had to intervene multiple times due to his behavior.

This dangerous media narrative stifles any constructive discourse or rational policymaking concerning the phenomenon of mass Islamic immigration to the West. Consistently, the media assumes the role of an advocate, defending jihadis and the Islamic ideology that propels these assaults.

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