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MEP Demands Honesty About Islam and the Threat it Poses to Jews Video

On February 7, Flemish Member of the European Parliament, Assita Kanko, declared in the European Parliament that it’s high time to be candid about why the protection of Jewish schools and synagogues is imperative – Islam. She insists on calling a spade a spade, emphasizing the crucial need to identify and combat Islamic intolerance.

“Saying that antisemitism is unacceptable has nothing to do with Muslim hatred. It’s sad and disappointing that these two subjects have been linked for today’s debate. How cynical. We all know who needs protection today: it’s the Jewish schools, museums, and synagogues that are guarded, and we all know why,” said Kanko during a debate in the European Parliament.

Kanko explains that many politicians struggle to be straightforward about the growing antisemitism in the West and where it’s coming from. “But why is it so difficult to say it, to name the reality, Islamic antisemitism? We saw it in the streets here in Europe, with calls to destroy the Jews. We saw it in the murders at the Jewish Museum in Belgium. We saw it in the celebration of the pogrom in Israel. We saw it in the pressure exerted by international organizations that ignored the pain of Jewish women. The reason they remained silent is the same reason why, every time you say something about antisemitism, they want to add Muslim hatred to the conversation or say you’re a racist.”

According to Kanko, it is shameful that so much taxpayer money goes to Islamic organizations. “It’s the reason why so many European countries use taxpayer money to sponsor organizations pretending to fight racism and “Islamophobia”, but are the tentacles of the Muslim Brotherhood operating here to feed its forces against us in Europe. Today is Shani Louk’s birthday. She was born on February 7, 2001, and murdered on October 7 in Israel.”

Kanko herself knows better than anyone how intolerant radical Islam can be: “I was born a Muslim, and I tell you, saying that radical Islam is a threat has nothing to do with Muslim hatred. Saying that antisemitism is unacceptable has nothing to do with Muslim hatred. Colleagues, on the contrary, it has everything to do with human dignity.”

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