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Tablighi Jamaats Sinister Pledge We Will Conquer Rome Either by Force or Ideology It Will Be a Massacre of Millions Video

An Italian news investigation uncovers Tablighi Jamaat’s global influence, ties to terrorism, and its ambitious goal to establish Sharia, posing a severe threat to the safety and security of Italy and Europe.

In a recent video exposé, Italian news group Fuori dal Coro unveils the growing influence of Islam in Italy through an extensive investigative video. The report focuses on Tablighi Jamaat, a contentious Muslim missionary movement recognized as the world’s largest religious proselytizing group. Operating globally, the group raises concerns due to its ties to terrorism, promotion of universal imposition of strict Islamic rules, and its ambition to replace Western laws and principles with Sharia. The investigation emphasizes the urgent need to address and monitor such ideologies to safeguard the safety and security of the Italian and European populations.

Tablighi Jamaat, originating in India, is active in various regions globally, including Southwest and Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. Despite presenting itself as open and socially integrated, the group faced accusations of ties to terrorist organizations after the 9/11 attacks. Members, including those linked to the 2005 London bombings and the failed shoe bomber Richard Reid, have been associated with a Tablighi mosque in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. U.S. security officials label Tablighi Jamaat a “recruiting ground for Al-Qaeda,” and French intelligence characterizes it as an “antechamber of fundamentalism,” suggesting the group’s ultimate goal, like Islam itself, is a “planned conquest of the world” in the spirit of jihad.

The video kicks off with chilling declarations foretelling a grim future: “There will be a massacre of millions of people,” setting an alarming tone that permeates the entire investigation. The report posits that what is often dubbed “radical” Islam is not a distortion but a direct embodiment of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, subtly concealed within the confines of mosques. This pervasive influence is increasingly asserting itself in Italian cities, with Rome emerging as a notable epicenter. The investigation challenges the prevailing notion that Islam is merely co-opted by extremists, emphasizing that, in reality, it is the very ideology that propels their actions.


A conversation with a prominent Tablighi leader in a mosque in Centocelle, Rome, reveals startling insights. The leader confidently asserts, “If the Muslims who are here in Rome practice that law, no one can stop them. No one. The conquest of Rome? Rome has already been conquered.” This articulation mirrors an ideology intent on imposing Islamic laws on the Western world, showcasing the extent of their influence and the success they have already achieved.

The video traces the expansion of the Tablighi group in Italy, highlighting their role in establishing meeting places where Islam is preached. The report takes viewers on a journey from Calderara di Reno in the province of Bologna to Genoa, revealing the spread of Tablighi influence in Italy and their engagement in other European states, with some individuals participating in or advocating terrorist activities.

The investigation reveals the insidious nature of the Tablighi Jamaat movement, exposing their efforts to enforce stringent Islamic rules, including the compulsory wearing of the burqa, even on non-Muslims. A disturbing dialogue captured in the video showcases a Tablighi member attempting to impose Islamic norms on an individual, cautioning, “If you don’t wear the burqa, you will account to Allah because you didn’t wear the burqa.”

Moreover, the report addresses the discriminatory beliefs of the Tablighi group, unveiling statements suggesting that women are treated as objects and men’s property. The investigation highlights that these rules not only infringe upon women’s rights but also contradict Western values and laws.

The report draws attention to a concerning incident in Genoa, where a Bangladeshi citizen affiliated with Tablighi Jamaat Eddawa [the missionary branch of the group] was arrested for ties to a terrorist organization linked to Al-Qaeda. Despite such incidents, the head of the Tablighi center in Bologna denies any radicalism, stating, “We are open-minded people.” Simultaneously, there is an expressed desire to conquer Rome, echoing a prophecy from Prophet Muhammad.

In Brescia, the investigation reveals that multiple mosques managed by Tablighi members are under scrutiny for suspicious financing to countries at risk of terrorism. The report includes interviews with mosque representatives staunchly defending their practices, refusing to acknowledge wrongdoing.

Fuori dal Coro’s investigation underscores the Tablighi Jamaat movement’s active promotion of Islam and its explicit aim to conquer Western societies by establishing Islamic laws, Sharia.

“The movement wants to impose the laws of the Qur’an on the entire West. According to the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office, the Tablighi preach the true Islam, the radical one. They approach thousands of young people from European countries through daily ritualism that produces the rejection of the West. ‘There will be a battle against non-believers.’ ‘There will be a war against each other.’ ‘And it will be a massacre of millions of people.’ ‘And after the war?’ ‘Many people will join Islam. And so, the conquest of Rome, the conquest of the West will automatically take place.’

This raises grave concerns, emphasizing the need for careful consideration and monitoring to safeguard the safety and security of the Italian and European populations.

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