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Spain Leaked Police Report Reveals 75 Out of 79 Arrested for Violent Robbery at Spanish Festival Are Arab Men

Bilbao, Spain – The annual Aste Nagusia summer festival in the Spanish city of Bilbao has come to a close, leaving behind a startling revelation that has ignited discussions about open borders and the challenges posed by violent migrants. A leaked police detainee list has unveiled a concerning trend: out of the 79 individuals arrested for aggravated robbery and intimidation during the festivities, a staggering 75 were of Arab origin.

The shocking demographic breakdown of the festival’s detainees was exposed by Alvise Pérez, an independent journalist, who deemed the release of the confidential police detainee list to be in the national public interest. This revelation has raised crucial questions about the implications of open borders and the consequences of unchecked migration.

The leaked list, which included the names and mugshots of each suspect, paints a concerning picture of the festival’s criminal element. Most of the individuals arrested were males, primarily hailing from the Maghreb region. This region prioritizes Spain as a gateway to Europe due to its proximity to the African continent and the land borders shared at the Spanish-African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

🇪🇦 | Polémica por la lista de detenidos en las fiestas de Bilbao: 75 de 79 son de origen árabe.

Se ha filtrado la lista policial que recoge todas las detenciones realizadas por la policía por robo con violencia o intimidación durante los festejos de Aste Nagusia en Bilbao en la…

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Alvise Pérez’s disclosure has further heightened concerns, as he claimed to possess another list related to arrests for sexual assault and rape, which allegedly tells a similar story. However, as of now, this list has not been made public, leaving many anxiously awaiting the potential confirmation of these disturbing statistics.

This revelation has thrown into sharp relief the challenges faced by Bilbao during its annual Aste Nagusia celebration. This nine-day event sees a significant increase in both the local population and criminal activities. According to reports, a total of 209 arrests were made during the festival, marking a 29 percent increase from the previous year.

City Mayor Juan Mari Aburto, deeply concerned about the rising number of arrests, made an earnest but somewhat naive plea to festivalgoers, urging them to partake in “healthy and respectful fun” while emphasizing that “crimes have no place in Bilbao.” The mayor’s appeal underscores many leaders’ lack of understanding regarding the repercussions of open border policies. The mayor must address residents’ concerns that their open-border policy and the unregulated influx of migrants are contributing to criminal activity and jeopardizing the safety of his constituents.

The revelation of the overwhelming Arab origin of those arrested during the festival has ignited a national debate on the perils of open borders and the challenges posed by violent migrants. As Spain grapples with this issue, questions about the impact of immigration policies and border security measures are at the forefront of public discourse.

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